History has proven that the most effective movements for racial solidarity and justice are rooted in faith and love. The work of racial healing is for everyone. You’re invited to step into a place where Courageous Love is tearing down the dividing walls that stand between us.



It has been said that “life is not measured by time, it is measured by moments.” What you are about to experience started with a moment when God got my attention about the spiritual work of racial justice and healing.

In April 2015 at Crossroads Church, where I pastor, I was teaching in a series entitled The Brave Journey. The name came from a moment in the story of Jesus when He invited Peter, one of His followers, to take the brave step to walk on water in the middle of a storm. The question we were asking in the Brave Journey was “Where is God calling you to take a brave step?” That moment birthed a calling in me to be a voice for racial justice and an ambassador of healing

I believe in my heart that this calling is from God, because I also believe that racial healing, justice, and solidarity is at the center of His heart. And I’m far from the only one being called…



Chuck Mingo is a skillful communicator with a pastor’s heart and a collaborative mindset. Chuck is ready to help your company, leadership team, event attendees, or organization begin their journey toward racial solidarity today.


A conversation has the power to become a movement. The swell of that energy has the power to heal the racial divide. UNDIVIDED is a movement bound together by faith and our shared humanity.

The movement includes a curriculum designed to build relationships that further racial solidarity and promote justice.

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