In today’s episode of the LivingUNDIVIDED podcast, Chuck is joined by Dr. Hahrie Han—a researcher and professor at Johns Hopkins University whose work is focused on locating resiliency within underserved groups and helping those groups thrive. Together, Chuck and Dr. Han discuss the catalysts that have moved members of Crossroads Church to action, the potential long-term impacts of LivingUNDIVIDED, and the idea of assimilation versus belonging. Prepare to have preconceived notions turned on their head as you enjoy this episode that is both fact-based and deeply personal.

Topic Timeline

Chuck interviews Dr. Hahrie Han (0:41)

Dr. Han shares her story of growing up as a second-generation immigrant from Korea (1:00)

Dr. Han describes how her personal experience with assimilation has impacted her work (3:56)

Dr. Han and Chuck discuss their connection through the Cincinnati Preschool Promise campaign (8:23)

LivingUNDIVIDED galvanizes people into action (10:05)

LivingUNDIVIDED is set apart from other racial reconciliation programs due to its ability to scale (12:57)

Sometimes assimilation is the enemy of belonging (15:53)

We’re in a moment of tremendous uncertainty and our country is being asked to reckon with the question of who we want to be (18:27)

One of the exciting things about being a professor is being in a constant dialogue with the future (20:43)

Chuck’s final thoughts (22:46)

Quotes from This Episode

“Through LivingUNDIVIDED, people move from a sense of isolation to a place of community.”

– @hahriehan

“You can belong before you believe.”

– @ChuckMingo

“Assimilation is the enemy of belonging.”

– @ChuckMingo

“Belonging is the notion that no matter who you are or what you come with, we welcome you into our community, and our community is strengthened by this difference.”

– @hahriehan

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