The Movement

About Courageous Love


It has been said that “life is not measured by time, it is measured by moments.” What you are about to experience started with a moment when God got my attention about the spiritual work of racial justice and healing.

In April 2015 at Crossroads Church, where I pastor, I was teaching in a series entitled The Brave Journey. The name came from a moment in the story of Jesus when He invited Peter, one of His followers, to take the brave step to walk on water in the middle of a storm. The question we were asking in the Brave Journey was “Where is God calling you to take a brave step?” That moment birthed a calling in me to be a voice for racial justice and an ambassador of healing. 

I believe in my heart that this calling is from God, because I also believe that racial healing, justice, and solidarity is at the center of His heart. And I’m far from the only one being called.

Race relations and the gospel are intertwined at the deepest of levels. God is calling us to take up His cry for righteousness, to recognize a need for the reestablishing of justice where our foundations have been corrupt, and to sacrifice on behalf of the cause He is pursuing. This moment will be costly, but it is a cost that comes with being a Christian.

This is our moment to see. This is our moment to seek. This is our moment to agree to be sent. This is our moment to love.

Will you join me?



Courageous Love is…

FOCUSED ON JESUS FIRST. He is our example and our enabler.

RECONCILIATION AND JUSTICE. One is not possible without the other.

ABOUT MORE THAN RELATIONSHIPS. It compels us toward racial solidarity and healing.

SACRIFICE. We count the cost of doing this work and move forward so all might be free.

ACTION. We’re not passive learners; we’re an army of reconcilers.

AUTHENTIC. We show up as we are—not as we want to be perceived. In doing this, we create space for others to do the same.

AN OUTPOURING OF THE GOSPEL. Racial reconciliation carries out the teachings of Jesus that the Church be unified.


The Path Forward

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