“Chuck’s leadership and voice are vital for such a time as this.”

Troy Jackson, MLK scholar, Author and Faith-based Organizer


Chuck Mingo is a skillful communicator with a pastor’s heart and a collaborative mindset. From the boardrooms of Procter & Gamble to the platform of one of the largest churches in America, Chuck’s wide array of cross-cultural and global experiences position him as someone who understands the diverse needs of both corporate and faith-based audiences. Scroll down for a video sample of him in action and topics that he commonly speaks about, and easily start the booking process by completing the form at the bottom of the page. Chuck is ready to help your company, leadership team, event attendees, or organization on their journey toward cross-cultural solidarity today.

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Courageous Love

Love is the most transforming power in the universe, and it calls us to have courage. In this signature keynote, Chuck outlines the values of his organization LivingUNDIVIDED, based on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Ten Commandments for Non-Violence. Participants will walk away with a clear picture of what it looks like to engage their community with the heart of Jesus.


Abolishing Apathy, Embracing Empathy

Let’s face it, the average church’s posture toward the topic of race is that of avoidance. Race has errantly become a politically charged issue, and often those in our congregation’s opinions are more informed by news and the media than the Bible. Many think the conversations necessary to move out of avoidance will be uncomfortable or will in themselves become divisive. In this keynote, Chuck reveals ways the entire Church is called to participate in the work of racial solidarity and healing no matter the perceived discomfort. When we move from apathy to empathy, people will see a Church that points to the love and power of God.


The Way Forward is Together

When were you first made aware of race—your own or that of another person? No matter who you are, you are impacted by race, for better or for worse. For this reason, racism impacts each and every one of us. As Christians, racial reconciliation and inclusion are not side issues; they’re a natural outworking of the Gospel. In this keynote, Chuck outlines three ways we’re called to see beyond our own experiences to a bigger picture of race in our communities.


The Necessity of Soul Care

Leaders are called to care for the souls of others—but what about when all the responsibilities of shepherding others pulls them away from nurturing their own soul? Often that’s when burnout, lack of vision, and ruptured communities occur. The truth is, soul care is as important for the individual as it is for the whole. In this keynote, Chuck will help leaders tap into what activities and rituals restore them, and teach methods for developing sustainable leadership. 




Chuck can modify his message to be relevant and applicable for non-faith audiences. 



As a business leader, you know what it is to move forward in the face of uncertainty. Leadership constantly calls you to take bold steps and to challenge the status quo. How you approach racial divides and inclusion within the workplace is no different. In this keynote, Chuck shares what he has learned in both corporate and faith-based settings about the power of empathy in workplace relationships. Empathy is the bedrock of trust—and when it is present, innovation flourishes. Not sure what empathy looks like or worried it’s not in your skillset? The good news is, empathy is something you can grow. In this keynote, Chuck shows you how.


Leadership In Uncertain Times

When you think of someone in authority, what comes to mind? Maybe you envision a corner office with a gatekeeper, a full schedule with no room for meetings, or a “my way or the highway” attitude toward decision-making. If you’ve ever worked for someone who approached authority this way, you know how limiting it can feel. Especially in uncertain times, people in your company or organization may be looking for a new kind of authority—one that approaches the position of leadership with empathy. In this talk, Chuck describes three ways that developing empathy and authority can revolutionize the teams you lead.


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